Quickly wrap odd sized ,
packages, StretchTape
won't rip off the printed
surface or leave a
sticky residue. For big
jobs use heavy-duty
StretchTape. shown here
wrapping bulky tar
paper rolls

StretchTape is the miracle stretch film that adheres only to itself... Leaves no gooey residue or marred finishes. And it won't tear off the printed surface of a package, as sticky tape will.

It's a money saver, too... just a fraction of the cost of strapping tape, twine or wire. Plus the considerable savings in time and damage to product.

Widely used in industry for organizing parts and products for in-plant Distribution. Eliminate boxes and trays. Choose from a wide variety of weights, widths and colors, or try one of our economical packs.

Applications: Wrapping and bundling of wood products, carpets, cartons, pipe and wire, soft goods. paper and coating products. Use to mark to p of pallet load identification. Great for Express shipments.

Choose from a variety of weights.....
and an assortment of colors.

EMAIL: info@stretchtape.com