Also available is the Band-It Stand, a natural addition to any shipping room operation. Simply set the bundles to be wrapped on the Band-It Stand supports and quickly StretchTape the packages securely together. Bundled shipments are easily slipped from the zinc-plated supports.

StretchTape is the miracle film that adheres only to itself it leaves no gooey residue and won’t tear the printed packages when removed. You’ll see big savings over shipping individual packages. StretchTape has the strength and holding power to make bundles tamper resistant. Saves money too. just a fraction of the cost of strapping tape or twine. Plus the considerable savings in time and damage to the product. Wrap dear StretchTape over the shipping label to prevent it from being smeared or torn. This protection keeps your packages moving on their way without interruption. Choose from a wide variety of weights. widths and colors. or try one of our economical packs on the back.

Applications: Wrapping and bundling of wood products, carpets, cartons, pipe and wire, soft goods. paper and coating products. Use to mark to p of pallet load identification. Great for Express shipments.

Choose from a variety of weights.....
and an assortment of colors.